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Whether logging in for the first time or frequent to My Learning Link, this page addresses the most commonly asked questions asked on My Learning Link.
Below is a list of the current help tutorials we have made available.
You can either view the training video or open the PDF to use as a guide that can be printed off.

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1) How to find MLL 2) A Tour of the Homepage 10) Adding External Training
(2m:16s): This tutorial will show you the different ways to access the My LearningLink Portal (2m:30s): This tutorial will provide a brief tour of the My Learning Link Homepage and its links (5m:50s): This tutorial provides a demonstation of adding training hours and information of any training attended outside of MLL
4) My Courses Overview 5) Requesting a Training 6) What is a Curriculum
(2m:56s): This tutorial provides an overview of the My Courses section of MLL (1m:07s): This tutorial provides the step by step procedure of a user requesting a training in MLL (2m:22s): This tutorial provides an overview and description of a Curriculum in MLL
7) Different Types of Training 8) Editing My Profile 9) Using the MLL Calendar
(2m:29s): This tutorial provides a description and example of the different types of Training types available in MLL (1m:27s): This tutorial shows how to edit and update a users Profile settings in MLL (2m:54s): This tutorial demonstrates how to access the MLL Calendar and find training through the calendar
3) Search for Training 11) Browse for Training 12) The New Transcript Page
(3m:38s): This tutorial will guide you on an optimized utilization of the Search capabilities of My LearningLink (2m:18s): This tutorial shows you how to use the Browse for Training area of My LearningLink (2m:55s): This tutorial will give you a guide of the new Transcript Page
Manager - Assigning a Training to a Direct Report Manager - Adding and viewing a Dashboard Item Manager - Creating and Running a Report
(1m:39s): This tutorial will show managers how to assign a learning object to a direct report (2m:25s): This tutorial will demonstrate how to add a new Dashboard item to view reports (5m:18s): This tutorial will demonstrate how to create and run a report on a Managers Direct Reports
Manager - Viewing the My Team Area Manager - Viewing a Direct Reports Training Activities  
(1m:52s): This tutorial will give an overview on the Managers view of their Teams activities in MLL (1m:36s): This tutorial will provide a demonstration on viewing a direct Reports activities and records in MLL  
Search course By Competency My Learning Link Training Plans for Managers  
Search courses by competency name A guide for managers to build training plans in My Learning Link for their employees